Digital competence

Information processing
Independent user
I can use different search engines to find information. I use some filters when searching (e.g. searching only images, videos, maps). I compare different sources to assess the reliability of the information I find. I classify the information in a methodical way using files and folders to locate these easier. I do backups of information or files I have stored.
Content creation
Independent user
I can produce complex digital content in different formats (e.g. text, tables, images, audio files). I can use tools/editors for creating web page or blog using templates (e.g. WordPress). I can apply basic formatting (e.g. insert footnotes, charts, tables) to the content I or others have produced. I know how to reference and reuse content covered by copyright. I know the basics of one programming language.
Independent user
I can use advanced features of several communication tools (e.g. using Voice over IP and sharing files). I can use collaboration tools and contribute to e.g. shared documents/files someone else has created. I can use some features of online services (e.g. public services, e-banking, online shopping). I pass on or share knowledge with others online (e.g. through social networking tools or in online communities). I am aware of and use the rules of online communication (“netiquette”).
Problem solving
Independent user
I can solve most of the more frequent problems that arise when using digital technologies. I can use digital technologies to solve (non-technical) problems. I can select a digital tool that suits my needs and assess its effectiveness. I can solve technological problems by exploring the settings and options of programmes or tools. I regularly update my digital skills. I am aware of my limits and try to fill my gaps.

Basic user

I can take basic steps to protect my devices (e.g. using anti-viruses and passwords). I know that not all online information is reliable. I am aware that my credentials (username and password) can be stolen. I know I should not reveal private information online. I know that using digital technology too extensively can affect my health. I take basic measures to save energy.